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Christian Warrington

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September 29th, 2003

09:02 am
I'm pouting. Just so you know.

And it's also come to my attention that I'm still technically the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. That amuses me to no end. Mostly because that means that someone else is having to do all my work. I'd feel sorry, but no.

I'm growing rather fond of my white hat and horse.

I like being good.

It gets me treats.
Current Mood: amused

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September 14th, 2003

02:39 pm
I think I slept for twenty-four hours straight. I think. I may have at some point woken up to give the love of my life cuddling instructions, but that may have been some kind of feverish dream.

Though I'm not sure if I can get out of bed currently, mostly out of fear that I might be pounced and dragged back into bed. Not, of course, that that's a bad thing.
Current Mood: recumbent

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September 9th, 2003

12:49 am
Happily ever after didn't last as long as I'd expected.

S'my own fault, really.

I have more to drink around here somewhere, I'm sure of it. Because it's easier to just drink, then I don't have to actually think about what I did out of hurt and anger, and all the king's horses couldn't put this back together again.

S'all fucked up.

I'm bleeding, but it's not getting on my one true love's bracelet which is good. I don't know how I got cut, though. I think I broke a bottle at some point. Wait. Yes. Against the wall. I remember. There's a vodka stain on the wallpaper now. That's going to have to come out of my security deposit.

I can't sleep without him, you know. That's why I'm drinking because eventually I'll pass out, and then maybe I can sleep or at least be unconscious.

Casual's better, you know. Then no one gets hurt and you don't expect a happily ever after to come out of your once upon a time and maybe I could sleep for a hundred years and then things will be good again but I doubt it and I have a job to do.

Ah. There's the rum.
Current Mood: drunk

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September 2nd, 2003

11:12 pm
I think I'm in need of a date. (Which means that yes, I am still pouting, and I want presents for not being able to show up at this damnable party with my boyfriend on my arm.)

And no, I won't be kept on any leashes. I do what I please.

You...need to come make me feel loved. As soon as possible. Before I pout.
Current Mood: amused

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August 28th, 2003

08:39 pm
It's like old home week. Everyone's arrived. Well, everyone important, namely Slytherin and a Quidditch player (former or not). S'fun. And now it's time for me to reveal my organizational process.

Yes, it's highly complicated and something only my brain could come up with.

I'd obviously be clearing my throat right about now.

Marcus Flint - The formerly dead one.
Terence Higgs - The bloodsucking one.
Reynard Bole - The pretty one. (I feel I should be rolling my eyes right there.)
Caleb Derrick - The crazy one.
Giovanni Montague - The religiously crazy one. With guns.
Miles Bletchley - The evil one.
Draco Malfoy - The young one.
Adrian Pucey - The sexy fucking gorgeous property of Christian Warrington sane one.

And, of course, me. Christian Warrington, the smart one.

I like my methods. It's very accurate, I think.

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In other news, I'm genuinely happy. This is very odd for me. But....well, I do say life is perfect, good, and wonderful, even.
Current Mood: happy

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August 25th, 2003

09:48 pm
Three.days.of.nonstop.interviews. I deeply. deeply hate it when my illustrious Lord decides to meddle in my affairs. I'm perfectly capable of handling my own department. The Aurors are mine to police.

So why is it that I lost half of my department because the Dark Lord was cranky?

Now I've got to spend countless hours interviewing and torturing the new applicants. Luckily that's only during the day leaving my nights free to be with Adrian.

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Current Mood: annoyed

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August 14th, 2003

10:50 am - .....
[Private]Collapse )

Life has been going fairly well, I suppose. I'm certainly not bored anymore, which is so very lovely. I'm....content. This is a very odd, feeling, you know. Very, very odd.

But I'm getting used to it.

Though blood is exceedingly difficult to get out from under one's fingernails.
Current Mood: moody

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August 11th, 2003

10:42 am
Well, I do have to say that I'm significantly no longer bored. I've had a very productive couple of days, and really, thinks couldn't be better. Though that may just be the sense of being well-fucked contentment.

You see, I do odd things when bored. I follow people home like a stray cat, and I convince them to give me cookies and alcohol and Thai food, and because I'm cute and helpless, they give me love, and I do my best to return it.

...Okay, so really, I've only done it once, but it certainly ended up with great results.

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Current Mood: devious

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August 9th, 2003

06:41 pm
I'm bored.

The most exciting thing I've done in days was transporting Flint's skinned corpse to the ministry, and while I did get some absolutely wonderful joy out of knowing the bastard was dead, the thrill didn't last long.

Someone entertain me. Don't make me go out and find my own fun....
Current Mood: bored

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